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Traffic Quality Measurement

Learn how to measure the quality of the traffic sources for your website. Traffic is often expensive and in many cases very ineffective. By identifying the effective traffic sources you will start improving your websites economical effiency.

Qualified traffic
Traffic is not just traffic – it determines your performance. By attract the right users for your website you will pay less for a new customer and hereby optimize your online business.

We can help you attract the right users into your website.


Users go online for a purpose

When users visit your website they have a clear goal and they expect it to be met. At least they hope for it to be met.

The behaviour of users is quite unambiguous. They are seeking for a solution and they are often using search engines to find what they are looking for. Users are usually looking for the same things that you have stated in your online strategy and scope of your website.

The challenges are obvious – will they find your website and if they find you what are the cost of being found?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are extremely popular due to a reason – they deliver traffic to your website. The challenge is to have the right traffic and this can be optimized as well.

Over a fifteen-week online advertising campaign for, the Atlas Institute determined that optimizing based on Cost per Revenue can produce better results than optimizing solely on Cost per Sale.

Cost effective traffic and lead generation

Since it is all about having the best performance on a wide range of parameters it is clear that the complete value chain has to be optimized in order to decrease the cost of attracting, converting and retain a customer.

We can help you analyse the most cost efficient way of driving your online business. We are experts in making activities cost effective.

We can even make help you make an online media plan in order to have a complete overview of your performance. This can be done in real time.

How to make your traffic qualified?
For further information on how you get qualified traffic please contact us for at meeting on how reduce your online cost.

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