Web Analytics

Web Analytics


We analyze your website, web shop, how your users navigate – and then we combine it with information architecture, usability and not least – your online strategy. How we do it? Read our website to get a brief introduction or book a meeting to get the full presentation. Trust us – you won’t waste your time here.



Google Analytics



The potential of your website

By creating good usability and follow your online strategy you can increase the revenue of your website.


The value chain of your website starts with a definition of your users and ends with a close relationship with your new customers.


Qualified traffic


Qualified traffic


Traffic is not only traffic. We help you find the right way of generating qualified traffic to your website. Qualified traffic is cheaper and more efficient that just getting traffic due to higher conversion rates and easier attraction.


Clear goals

We help you define your Key Performance Indicators and the success criteria of your website.


Usability and Design

We can help you with achieving your goals of your website by knowing your users and make them perform their intended task – and even more. We create good usability and design .


Retain customers

Once customers has trusted your company and placed an order on your website you have a great opportunity to retain the customer by treating him well. Keep him informed in a proper manner – do not spam your customers.


Increased revenue online

By doing the above mention exercises you are able to increase the revenue of your website or make sure your brand new website perform well. The calculation is simple and gives a good idea of why you should consult us.

How to achieve the advantage?

For a presentation and a calculation of your improved online revenue please contact us.


If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Improve It

Ever wonder how many people noticed your advertisment? The internet allows you to track everything. Tracking software allows you to understand if your marketing budget is making money for your business. Stop wasting money and start tracking.

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