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Asia Webpro offers ethical search engine marketing solutions to your Website such as e-commerce site, Small business site, Brochure Online, company’s information. Helping your site to promote businesses in the major search engines.

The search engine positioning generates a better return of investment than any other conventional form of marketing. Search engine marketing gives you a better return than television, radio, direct mail, print ads or any advertising method.

For instance Google.com currently has BILLIONS of web pages in their index. Today’s top U.S. search engines receive hundreds of millions of searches per day. If your web site is not appearing within the first two pages of these results you are missing thousands of highly qualified leads.

Web Promotion
Setting up a Website is only the first step in establishing a presence on the Internet. Website marketing is essential to realizing the most from your site. Advertising your website and disseminating information about your existence is a necessary second step, a step many site owners fail to execute. We employ several effective search engine optimization strategies to make your site found by search engines and directories.

Internet Marketing Services:

  • Keyword Analysis: To make sure we’re basing the optimization off of relevant phrases, we will first conduct a keyword analysis to identify the relevant key phrases for which your target market is searching.
  • Search Engine Optimization: Once relevant key phrases are chosen, we’ll optimize your pages to rank high on the best key phrases.   We generally optimize sites for Google, Yahoo, and MSN, but submit your site to all the major search engines and directories.  This gives you the best chance for success.
  • Pay Per Click (PPC): Pay Per Click advertising provides you with an avenue to achieve immediate top rankings on terms relevant to your industry. We will target efforts on your key phrases and adjust for high ROI.
  • Search Engine Submission: Once your site has been optimized to rank highly we manually submit your site to the search engines. Manual submission to many places will help you rank highly in the “Big 3” engines.
  • Directory Submission: Directories, PageRank, Link Building and industry niches. We will unravel the mystery and myths to help you with a long term Internet marketing plan
  • Quarterly SEO Reviews: You must keep moving forward to maintain your priority positions in major search engines. Asia Webpro will conduct quarterly reviews of your traffic and reposition you where necessary to keep traffic levels up.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings, and could be considered a subset of search engine marketing. The term SEO (Search Engine Optimizers) also refers to an industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects on behalf of clients’ sites. Some commentators, and even some SEOs, break down methods used by practitioners into categories such as “white hat SEO” (methods generally approved by search engines, such as building content and improving site quality), or “black hat SEO” (tricks such as cloaking and spamdexing). White hatters charge that black hat methods are an attempt to manipulate search rankings unfairly. Black hatters counter that all SEO is an attempt to manipulate rankings, and that the particular methods one uses to rank well are irrelevant.

Search engines display different kinds of listings in the search engine results pages (SERPs), including: pay per click advertisements, paid inclusion listings, and organic search results. SEO is primarily concerned with advancing the goals of a website by improving the number and position of its organic search results for a wide variety of relevant keywords. SEO strategies can increase both the number and quality of visitors, where quality means visitors who complete the action hoped for by the site owner (e.g. purchase, sign up, learn something). Search engine optimization is sometimes offered as a stand-alone service, or as a part of a larger marketing effort, and can often be very effective when incorporated into the initial development and design of a site.

For competitive, high-volume search terms, the cost of pay per click advertising can be substantial. Ranking well in the organic search results can provide the same targeted traffic at a potentially significant lower cost. Site owners may choose to optimize their sites for organic search, if the cost of optimization is less than the cost of advertising.

Not all sites have identical goals for search optimization. Some sites are seeking any and all traffic, and may be optimized to rank highly for common search phrases. A broad search optimization strategy can work for a site that has broad interest, such as a periodical, a directory, or site that displays advertising with a CPM revenue model. In contrast, many businesses try to optimize their sites for large numbers of highly specific keywords that indicate readiness to buy. Overly broad search optimization can hinder marketing strategy by generating a large volume of low-quality inquiries that cost money to handle, yet result in little business. Focusing on desirable traffic generates better quality sales leads, allowing the sales force to close more business. Search engine optimization can be very effective when used as part of a smart niche marketing strategy.

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