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Increase the visibility of your Facebook Page

In recent years, Social Media, where Facebook is the biggest, exploded – all available on Facebook.

A few years ago “created” the term “Appears you are not on Google, you will not.” I dare say that if only a year or so, we will correct this sentence – “Appears you can not Google and Facebook are not you.”

Companies today are successful on Facebook know that you have to invest time and resources in social media.

It is not enough to start a Facebook page and believe that customers will flood. If one analyzes the companies that have managed to Facebook, one can see three common factors:

  • They are constantly active, posts and comments on their fans posts.
  • They note their fans.
  • They offer their fans something they can not get anywhere else.

There are obviously several factors that affect one’s potential success on Facebook. But more on these in future blog articles.

Something that many companies, however, forgetting is its visibility. And if you can not be seen – how can one’s customers where to find one? Just as you need to adjust their website to search engines you need to also adjust its presence on Facebook by search engines.

In this blog article, I give four simple tips on how to increase the visibility of their Facebook page.


First, Register your username / pagename

We know that search engines check the web address (URL) when they analyze a Web page and the same thing for Facebook. Which side do you rank the best?

And what a URL looks most professional look?

To get a shorter URL to Facebook will not only benefit the search results. It is also much more easy to market.
How do I register their user name / page name on Facebook, then?

Visit, choose which side you want to register the username, select the page name (remember that page name should be your company name or include some important keywords ) and click on Check Availability.

Is the page name available, you can now register this.

Note. To register a page name, you must be sidadministratör and your side must have at least 25 fans.


Second, Publish links from your website to your Facebook page.

When people talk about search engine optimization is usually a bit simple to say that every link that points to a Web page is a voice on the website. How simplifying this expression is, it is true. As well as the need to link to their website you need to also link to his Facebook page.

Make sure you have links on your website that points to your Facebook page.

Anchor text of these links may consist of texts such as “Join us on Facebook” and so on. But we recommend that with their company name in the anchor text. A good anchor text may be ” Asia Webpro on facebook “- if you now want your Facebook page to be visible when searching for Asia Webpro

These links, we recommend that you put on the website’s homepage but it is also beneficial if you apply these links, for example, s contact page or other relevant sub-pages.


Third, Edit your information

Facebook offers several different fields that you can use to disseminate information about your company including start dates, contact details, description and many more. Do you have information for all these fields, it is obviously good.

Otherwise, you are advised to focus on the fields if, Description, Address, Email, Phone and Website.

The text in this field comes under “if the activity” under your profile picture and menu on your Facebook page. The text in this field should be informative, include your company name or an important keyword and it should preferably not be longer than 80 characters. Is your text over 80 characters there is the risk that Facebook cuts off the end and instead shows a dull “read more link” to your visitors.

In your description text, you should also include your company name or an important keywords to increase your visibility in search engines. Your description text will also be the text that appears in the SERP (search results page) as a description text of about 150-160 characters are preferred.

Address, Email, Phone and Website:This field has no further major impact on your position in search engines but they are obviously still very important to fill as you want your customers well find you also should know how they come in contact with you .

All these settings are you doing in the tab General information in your settings for your Facebook page.


Fourth, Create content that your fans like and want to share

The last point and probably the most important if you want to succeed on Facebook. Many companies make the mistake of informing their fans about what they want to communicate. I usually advise our clients to turn the roast – information about what your fans want information about. One of the major benefits of Facebook is the communication that you may have with your fans. Take advantage of the communication, integrate your customers in your business and let those influence your content. Your customers are the most important people in your company – let them know it!

Find out what your fans want to read about and use of your Facebook Insights * to see what content is most appreciated by your fans. Then customize your content for this information and you will get more comments, more like markings, more divisions and more fans.

We have known since before the link and activity in social media affect search results. The more people like you and share your content – the higher the visibility you will get in search engines.

There were some hints on how you can customize your presence on Facebook for the search engines and thereby have greater visibility. Am I missing something? Is there anything special you made ​​that affected your performance positively?Please share with you in the comments section below.

Facebook Insights is Facebook’s own statistics tool for Facebook Pages.

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