Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission should be at the heart of every good Internet Marketing firm’s overall strategy. While the idea is simple and oft repeated throughout the industry, rarely will you get a straight reasoning for why this is so important.


A thoughtful search engine submission strategy requires more than an automated service promising submission to “1000 Search Engines Today!” What goes unsaid to you is that most of these engines are overseas and probably will not accept your submission due to relevency restrictions. Further more, it does not help you for a firm to spam the engines on your behalf or to submit you to search engines that don’t partner with the “Big 3”.

We will take the time to research lucrative placements for you and then enroll you the right way, with a proper search engine submission on your behalf. Our Internet Marketing Strategy begins with organic search engine placement and it all starts here.

Did you know that a major portion of your search engine ranking comes from link building exercises? Internet directories submission are the first step.


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