Web Maintenance

Web Maintenance
Maintenance is a factor most websites require and benefit from. Fresh graphics, content updates, what’s new sections, and general expansion are elements that keep people coming back to your site and continually strengthen the overall impact of your site. By the time your site is up and functioning you will have spent time and money and you will want to do everything you can to maximize your return! Some clients maintain there own sites and learn the required skills to perform that function. If you choose this option we are here to guide you if you get into trouble or have questions. Many clients choose to have us do the maintenance of their websites. We can work out a reasonable contract depending on the amount of updating you expect.


If you will require regular updating (recommended) maintenance services are available at a flexible monthly fee according to how much you need done. Monthly fees starting at 750 Baht a month are available for regular and consistent updates, or you can choose to have maintenance done for an hourly rate of 500 Baht for all updates and have this service billed monthly.

What Is Web Maintenance?

Web Maintenance is a service that allows adjustment and updates to a web site. Maintenance is an important part of having a website. If your content, offers, etc. don’t change from time to time you may lose your audience or their return to your site. Common examples of web maintenance may include changing text, images, promotions, or advertisements on your site.

Why you need web maintenance?

Web sites that are easy to use increase your customer’s satisfaction and allow you to keep their business. Your site should always target to achieve this. Web maintenance allows you to accomplish your business goals by:

  • Changing Content. Changing or editing text, images, and other items when you have promotions, specials, and advertisements on your site allows you to react to market conditions.
  • Increasing Return Traffic. Internet users will come back for information if the site changes frequently.
  • Increased Usability. Increased Usability. A high usability site often translates to increased sales.


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